• Is Shawaya House Company a Saudi company?


    Yes, Shawaya House Company is 100% Saudi.


  • Do you have Saudi .staff?


    Shawaya House Company Is considerd one of the supporting companies for the people of this country, and it has achieved the rate of Saudization required. Saudi Staff are working in various fields of the company as management, staff, and restaurants help.


  • Do you have the ability to meet large orders?


    The praise of ALLAH, it is consider one of the few companies in this field, which also able to meet more than 150,000 meals a day, besides the daily restaurants orders  . For example, the company has done big projects such as Breakfast Fasting, meals for accommodation centers …etc.


  • Do you have the ability to concert parties and banquets?


    Yes, we have the capabilities and staff that qualify us to do this, and we are pleased to meet the wishes of our customers of making parties and banquets


  • What is the company's classification among the restaurants operating in the same field?


    Praise of ALLAH, Shawaya House Company is considered one of the leading companies in this field and it has...ISO certification 2005 22000.


  • How many branches for the company in the regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?


    The company currently has more than 90 branches of various regions of the Kingdom and praise to ALLAH.


  • What is the extent of the company in the areas of the Kingdom?


    Shawaya House Company has covered the major cities in the regions of the Kingdom, and we are still at the expanding and spreading level in response the desire of our customers to the rest of the cities of the Kingdom.


  • Some meals that you have contain a little high amount of fat, why?


    In Shawaya House Company we are always looking for the ways to satisfy the different tastes of our customers, and because the nature of some of the popular dishes so needed, such as meat and some kinds of rice, We added some products for those wanting diet low in calories, like salads, vegetables, Mahashi, Peshawar rice, chicken Almusahab Boneless Chicken .. etc and other foods which allows our customers to make healthy appropriate decisions to fit them.


  • Sometimes there is a delay in your restaurants, why?


    Some of our items need to be prepared per order, “such as fish, shrimp and meat” to ensure that we are serving food with delicacy and appropriate to the desirability of our customers.


  • How is your disposition of the excess food?


    One of the company priorities is giving the importance for our excess food as commanded by Allah Almighty to respect and gratitude the blessings and to help the needy, and as of this principle Al shawaya House Company encapsulates the excess food "as for the customer" and distributes it to charities and needy families.


  • Do you have delivery service?


    Delivery service is one of our future plans that the company studies for its concerns to accommodate the desire of our respected customers.


  • Do you have a customer service department?


    Yes, we have customer service department that includes a specialized team in customer service, it works on communicating with our respected customers and receiving their views and the immediate solution to their problems and the follow up with outcomes. In addition, the team files a daily report to the specific departments and the main administration to inform them of the views and suggestions of our respected customers which gives us strength. .


  • Is the meat uses slaughtered in the Islamic way?


    Meat and chicken that we are using slaughtered according to Islamic law (halal) under the supervision of an integrated team of quality management.


  • Is there any opening branches outside the K.S.A ?


    We are at the stage of expanding and spreading in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we have registered our commercial trade mark in most of the countries of the world preface to expand and spread outside the Kingdom.